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Jeannie's Journal

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20th August 2006

8:12pm: Oh yeah....
I am leaving for Cozumel in the morning!!!!

27th July 2006

8:22pm: Because I have so much extra money to throw around...
I booked a trip to Cozumel today. Going with Jeremy. August 21-25, right before I go back to school.

Not the smartest thing in the world I could do, but I need it.

22nd July 2006

10:17pm: Well hell....
I'm moving out tomorrow. Another one bites the dust. He gets the dog. I'm gonna miss the hell out of her.
Current Mood: depressed

16th May 2006

9:09pm: IT'S OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We get to go pick Betty up to bring her home this Friday evening at 8:00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So f'ing excited!!!

Tomorrow night...puppy proof the house.

9th April 2006

9:22pm: Positive few days...
Things have been looking up. Some slight progress has been made...a clean weekend was had and discussion of treatment was opened. I'm hopeful, but also keeping one foot out the door. Taking it day by day, but I have to say, it's been really great for the past few days.

We had been planning for a long time to get a dog. I somehow changed his mind, back in the day, about the type of dog to get. He and his daughter wanted a black lab. I'm not so keen on the lab so I brought up the doberman pinscher. Well, he fell in love with the idea and we started looking into breeders. We had found one back in November that had just had a litter but decided that it was just too soon, that we weren't quite ready. They told us we could wait for the next litter so we did. Well, April 1, our baby Betty the red female doberman was born. We're excited as hell. I think this has to do with the change in behavior for my man. 6-7 more weeks, and we'll have her home with us. (if I'm still here)

He took me for for my first off-road bike ride today. I'm pretty proud of myself. I only hit 1 tree, and I slowed down and actually caught it so it's not like I even smacked it. I only had one other accident where I didn't quite make this jump thingy. I bailed and actually landed on my feet. It was quite impressive. And luckily he had stopped after he had gone over it to see if I would make it, I would have been disappointed if no one saw my cat-like reflexes.
Current Mood: accomplished

6th March 2006

9:36pm: Wonderful Weekend
So I haven't updated in some time. Life has been a bit crazy. I've been doing some things that are great for me and some things that are not so great for me. Those bad things are slowly being phased out, I'm happy to report. Craig is building me a mountain bike and we're both planning on getting healthy, healthy, healthy.

This past weekend he and I took a much needed little road trip down to the hill country. While there we did some hiking at Pedernales Falls and Enchanted Rock. The weather was perfect...had a fabulous time. Too bad we have to come home to reality.

Current Mood: refreshed

5th October 2005

5:12pm: Haven't been here in a while...
I just haven't had much to say..and guess what...I don't now. I don't want to go on all mushy and stuff about how good life has been and how in love I am...we'll just leave it at that. Well, ok, life has been good aside from last weekend. Yeah, that was bad. The main thing was getting ran off the road by some bitch in her big white truck and running over big city titties for a while so I don't go into the bike lane on Mockingbird and bursting 2 tires. Stupid bitch not paying attention. I had to replace 2 tires and will be replacing a rim. My poor baby girl (my car) has been through so much shit.

Anyway, I took the day off to go to the dentist and had to go up to school to take a skills test...now I'm home waiting for Craig to get home so we can take Ocean to the fair tonight. Oh the joys of almost step-motherhood. Ok, not really. I'm being a little melodramatic. She's a great kid, we are just still getting used to each other being around. It'll be fun.

26th September 2005

6:13pm: Hey Bobby...
Since I never talk to you anymore at the new job just thought I'd throw this your way. You got some props from Craig on that picture you framed for me for my birthday. He loved it...and yes, it's over here at my new digs...just haven't put it up anywhere yet. Just thought you might want to know...

miss you honey.

7th September 2005

11:57am: So I've been MIA from lj for some time now. I'm happy to report that
things couldn't be better. I have met someone that has totally blown
me away and have been spending just about every free moment with him
and shacked up at his place for the past month. I don't want to jump
the gun or anything, but folks…this could be it. I feel like I have
so much more to say about it but I guess I just don't want to jinx it,
so I'll leave it at that.


6th July 2005

5:34pm: I'm such a copy cat...
5:33pm: How fitting seeing that July 4 is my birthday...
You Are 31% American
America: You don't love it or want to leave it.
But you wouldn't mind giving it an extreme make over.
On the 4th of July, you'll fly a freak flag instead...
And give Uncle Sam a sucker punch!

24th June 2005

4:53pm: Ok, so finally*a post about last weekend.

So Jeff and I headed down south to New Braunfels on Saturday morning
for the Old 97's show/live CD recording that night at Gruene Hall.
(pronounced "green", though in true German it shouldn't be).

We get to town early afternoon and find Gruene after we have to wait a
little while for our room to be ready. I had no idea how happening
this little town would be. There were people swarming everywhere. We
find a parking place and decide to walk around a little bit. We go into
Gruene Hall which opens up during the day for beer drinkers. This place
has no air conditioning. We sit there for a little while as Jeff
finishes his beer. I am feeling tired so we go back so I can have a
nap*especially since we'd be in the hear all night at the show. So I sleep a
little long and get up and rush to get ready for dinner at the
Gristmill before the show.

There were literally over 100 people waiting for tables*even one party
of 55 people. You wait in this outdoor area and watch the board for
your name. It was HOT! I was hungry*and getting very cranky. We were
standing there waiting for about 10 minutes when we hear the Old 97's
start to play. I get excited*and leave the waiting area to go look
through the chicken wire surrounding Gruene Hall as they do their sound
check. I was happy then. So anyway*after a good 30-35 minute wait we
finally get called. The girl taking us to our table said, "We're going ALL
the way up." Well, ok. So we get up to this tiny little room up 3
crickety flights of stairs. Up there was 2 small tables and one long
table. The long table had a few people sitting at it and menus in the
empty spots*didn't think too much about it. About 10 minutes later Rhett,
Murray and Phillip come walking up there and sit down at the long
table. My jaw drops and I just kept hitting Jeff's arm letting him know
that was the band. At one point Rhett went out onto this little balcony
attached to our tiny dining room at which time I tuned into the cool cat
I am. I walked out there and said something like, "Um, I'm a big
fan*.would you please do me the honor and take a picture with me?" Oh god,
how corny could I be*.but he glady agrees and I motion for Jeff to
bring his camera phone out and take a pic. Stupid, stupid, stupid me for
not bringing my behemoth camera*it takes much better pics than this damn
camera phone.

We chit-chat for a split second then our food came so I left them
alone. I didn't want to be the stalker fan. So blah blah blah*.we make it
over to the hall and after Bobby Bare, Jr. gets off stage, I make my
way down to the front. Met some nice folks waiting for the show to
start. The show was absolutely amazing. Had to be the best Old 97's show
I've ever seen. They played 30 songs*over 2 full hours. And I sweat my
fucking ass off. During the show, Rhett even looked over at us and
gave us a smile and head nod of recognition. After the show Jeff went and
talked to them (the men's bathroom area was also the backstage area).
Jeff told him that this was his first show and how he enjoyed it so
much*also said that Rhett said something about us standing out*didn't
expect us to or some crap*.well duh, we just had dinner with you 30 minutes
ago*) Anyway*it was a great night. I had such a blast.

Late Sunday morning we got up and decided to head down to the river to
do a float trip. It was good and hot and I got a little sunburn on
parts that I didn't sunscreen. It was quite fun. I think we'll have to
get a group together and do it again sometime this summer.

21st June 2005

8:16pm: Thanks Bobby...
I love you....

9th June 2005

Dance the night away by karchan85
What you Look like
The MusicClassical
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25th April 2005

10:22pm: ne ner ne ner ne ner
I'm getting an iBook!!!!

8th April 2005

11:00pm: Fun Fun Fun
No boss today at work...that always makes for a good...ok, better work day.

Went to Six Flags after work. Nice warm night. Nobody there. No wait longer and 2 minutes. Hit all the good rides...the best ones twice. I'm pooped from all the walking.

Kitty sitting in my lap purring and digging claws into my leg.

Time to shower and pass out.


26th March 2005

11:04am: Someone turns 30 today!!!!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU.

5th March 2005

8:49pm: Hahahaha
Crack baby is actually in my medical dictionary.

I'm fucking tired of studying....blah.

28th February 2005

3:48pm: What is....
Gotta leave for school in 3 minutes...

I hate getting off at 3:30 and getting to watch Jeopardy and having to leave for my aweful class right before final jeopardy.

sucks ass

9th February 2005

11:01pm: NOOOOOOO.....NOT WENDY?!?!?!?!?!?!?! THAT BITCH!

22nd January 2005

4:30pm: Break from being productive
1. Open up your media player.
2. Hit random.
3. List the first 20 songs that play.

1. First Wave Intact--The Secret Machines
2. Antonin Artaud--Bauhaus
3. Enjoy the Silecnce--Depeche Mode
4. Cemetery--Strung Out
5. Sexy Bits--DJ Food
6. Hang Onto Yourself--David Bowie
7. Falling--The Show
8. The Host of Seraphi--Dead Can Dance
9. Keep me From Harm--Peter Murphy
10. Margarita--Starlight Mints
11. Pheurton Skeurto--Sunny Day Real Estate
12. Friends Forever--Old 97's
13. Galaxy Bounce--Chemical Brothers
14. Army--Ben Folds Five
15. Egg Man--Beastie Boys
16. Parallel Universe--Red Hot Chili Peppers
17. Whisper(Live at Velvet Lounge)--The Shooters
18. Never Enough--The Cure
19. Lazybones--Soul Coughing
20. Can't Find My Way Home--Sneaker Pimps
12:55pm: So I am going to see The Arcade Fire tonight with Jeremy at Trees. Should be a good show but the fact that it's sold out and an all ages show. Hmmm, I don't know.

I have to go spend money on my damn computer. It appears as though I have an old piece of crap video card and must upgrade so that my online school stuff goes off without a hitch. I guess I'll try to bill this onto my school expenses that my parents are helping me out with. Must get an ink cartridge too and hope that my printer still works after sitting there for way too long. Hopefully my bro will be a nice bro today and install the video card and my new dvdr drive so that I can get some school work done. I'm thinking I won't go out to see Hank this weekend so that I can get crap done...namely school work so that I can next weekend instead...and hopefully get some work done on my ink seeing as that I heal so very slow.

Off to Fry's for me....

19th January 2005

12:55pm: Boo.
I start back at school today. I have Pharmacology from 2-4:45 this afternoon. That's a long time to sit in a classroom...freezing I'm sure as it's always cold up there. I'm not awake enough to endure this. I didn't go to bed until around 5 this morning. I did skip work and sleep til 11 but I haven't gotten enough sleep still. I'm sure that since this class is only once a week we'll be there the whole entire time and probably cover 3 chapters or something sick like that. I have got to start getting motivated about school soon and start taking some of my online tests for my online class and get them out of the way before I get overwhelmed. I think that will be a goal for the weekend.

Ok, gotta get my crap together for class. I hope the ipod is charged.
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